Hi there, 

How nice of you to come and check out who we are! We know time is money and everyone is always 'busy', so we'll keep it short. 

We're a 100% Belgian brand. Everything, from idea to design, from production to packaging is done in Belgium. And we're really proud of that. We chose the most premium materials (aluminum), the best possible finishing (anodizing) and the finest details (lasering).  

Pride is not a word we take lightly. It's in our DNA, it's why and how we do things. That's why it's not a coincidence that we chose the name 'kiburi'. Kiburi in fact means 'pride' in Swahili (oh and of course, it has a nice ring to it). 

From concept to production, we've worked hand in hand with RAAK Design Studio. So you can expect purity, quality and beauty from kiburi. We want you to take pride in what you do, because so do we. 

And lastly, we have a strict BYOB (Bring Your Own Balls) policy. We want you to collect and display those balls and memories that are dearest to you. This means that every kiburi setup will tell your personal and unique story

The kiburi team.